Seed Swap

Seed saving has become a passion for many gardeners. Share seeds with other gardeners around the country! Backyard farmers, and the like, have offered up their surplus seeds for all to enjoy.

How to Get Started

(1) Searching for seeds? As a Forager, you can access the library of seeds available on GaiaShare!

(2) Update your address so that Farmers may send you seeds.

(3) Take only what you can use. Please be respectful to the foragers and farmers a like!

How to Share your Seeds

(1) Create an account on GaiaShare

The first step is to create an account on the site. Then verify your email, don't forget to check your spam folder!

(2) Become a Farmer

Decide on a farm name. Provide a few bits of information, your address won’t be public. Then, 'Open' your farm!

(3) Add Seed Inventory

Now you'll be able to add items to your farm! Get your lists or gather your seed. You can add pictures and descriptions of what you have.

(4) Swap Seeds

Browse available seeds, pick some you'd like and wait for the Farm to respond to your request. Maybe they will request seeds from your inventory!

Benefits of Saving and Sharing Seeds

  • It’s fun!
  • They are free!
  • They are fun -- Watch your plants to fulfill its own lifecycle by producing seeds.
  • Share them with other gardeners.
  • Home-saved seeds may germinate better than store-bought seeds.
  • Support plant diversity when you plant heirloom varieties that are not found in the stores.
  • Build the community!

Planting seeds into dirt