Who is a Forager?

A Forager is someone who seeks things. Perhaps they are seeds to grow a great bean stalk. Maybe surplus produce, one thing is for sure, it's all available in the forest--or your backyard.

How it Works

Do you seek seeds for your garden? Get started by browsing the list of seeds available. These are provided by GaiaShare Farmers. Their mission, like GaiaShare, is to share what the earth has to offer!

Before you request any seeds, be sure to update your address. This is required so the farmer will know where to send seeds!


When foraging, it's important to be respectful to your neighbors, Foragers and Farmers.

If a Farmer lists a suggested quantity, please adhere to that. Otherwise, take only what seems reasonable for an individual. Leave the rest for other Foragers.

Show your local farmers gratitude! Everyone appreciates a simple thank-you note from time to time. GaiaShare’s goal is to build a community, we encourage you to build connections with your local Farmers and Foragers.

Number one trait: humility. We are all equal, no one lesser or greater.